Friday, August 13, 2010


Dear nonexistent readers...

Happy Friday (the 13th). I believe I've declared "Happy Friday!" frequently enough already today to earn a few odd looks from my co-workers. There are only a few of us in the office today, the few stragglers who aren't visiting Idaho, Anacortes, working from home, or sick. So the day has been slow and filled with the following:
1. Large women on the bus who settle next to you and proceed to clear their throat every.... forty-five to seventy-five seconds (believe me, I counted!). That kind of throat clearing could keep a girl up a night... or rather prevent one from falling asleep on the bus ride into Seattle.
2. The lurching realization that someone is already gone, left, driving far and away and you won't see them for a good three months and you feel slightly bereft.
3. Co-workers who tell you that you should be billable today because they won't be. The grand plan? You get the honor of doing their project filing! Wahooo. And then they proceed to ask why you aren't excited by this prospect doing that. hmmmm. Then you are conflicted and frustated with yourself.
4. Advertisments playing on the radio whenever you turn it on, revealing the plot of the radio-people to fill your ears with nonsense about clothes at JCPenny, Cars for sale, Freddy's fresh food, and other such monotony rather than music you enjoy. I think the music starts playing as soon as I turn off the radio as I grow tired of hearing about diamond engagement rings from nasal toned advertisers. Some people don't have the voice for radio.
5. Internet providers who change their minds... sorry! No internet tonight. No internet tomorrow. No internet on Sunday. Maaaaaybe we'll provide you with internet on Monday. Maybe. We might change our minds come Monday... so be prepared. I guess this is what you get when you want inexpensive internet. Inexpensive internet is merely internet that does not cost more than $40/mo.
6. Being bored silly. Some people are bored to tears. I get bored silly. Be careful what you say, I will laugh.
7. Left eye twitches. twitch. ... ... twitch.... *places finger on eye to calm it down* *sigh*... *remove finger*....... twitch.... twitch.

So, you can imagine that when you called me and left such a lovely message on my cell phone that it quite cheered me up and reminded me of the sunshine outside and the thoughtfulness of family members, for pizza dinners, for offers to help setup the internet (when it decides to work), for pilates with your sister, for scones and cold, raw cookie dough to eat as I please. :) Happy Friday!

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