Saturday, April 3, 2010

Waiting for the Dryer...

Ah, how wonderful it is to finally be sitting down in the basement, the internet once again working, and music playing on Pandora.

Did you know that if your garbage can is overflowing (i.e. the lid does not shut), that the garbage truck will not collect your trash? Clearly it is an indication that you need to purchase a larger garbage cannister from them and pay the higher fee of having it collect. *sigh* Things you learn when you live on your own.

So, this morning, after a quick search on the internet and a... mildly disgusting job of loading wet garbage bags into my plastic-lined trunk, I set off for the "transfer location" for the local landfill. This not an actual "dump" but a huge gap in the ground that for $17.25 you can "dump" up to 320lbs of garbage into.

On Tuesday, desperate to put some order into my life, I endeavored with my roomie K. to setup
my sewing corner in the basement. This involved re-assembling my desk and organizing the bookshelf that now holds most of my fabric. I am looking forward to the day when there is too much fabric to fit on those few shelves. The lighting down here, I know, is not ideal, but for now it will do. As you can see, I am making gradual progress in putting together the Pemberly Lane quilt for my now-roomie J.

Unfortunately, I once more made a small (can I emphasize small?) mathmatical error, resulting in not having quite enough of the Blossom Lane fabric to complete the squares. So, one of the lovely errands I ran today included stopping by Quiltworks Northwest to purchase just 1/3 of a yard more so I could finish these blocks. I almost panicked when I couldn't find the fabric in its usual location on the shelf. I was greatly relieved to see that someone had just mis-shelved (is this a word) the fabric I was looking for.

And of course I did stop by JoAnne's fabric today. I have determined that every time any sort of holiday weekend approaches, JoAnne's quickly put some item on sale that I am certain to need to purchase. It used to be that the store would offer all of their fat quarters for a dollar. They stopped this wonderful dollar deal last year, however, but the fat quaters were 30 percent off, so I purchased a couple. I also was able to get some Gutterman's thread for $1 per 100 yards, definitely less than it's usual price.
Today has been full of running errands and it wasn't until 5 p.m. that life slowed down enough for me to pop into the shower and wash my clothes. Now I am home, sitting in the basement, listening to the rumble of the dryer as it tosses my new fabric purchases around.

Hopfully, tomorrow will bring many hours of happy quilting before attending the 5 p.m. Easter service at MH Bellevue.

Beep goes the dryer. Time to iron some fabric! Do some cutting, slicing, dicing, stitching.....Maybe the internet will continue to work and I'll be able to post more of my progress tomorrow. :)

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